Why I Run

Among other reasons.  Second day in a row of five-milers in Handsome Chef Boyfriend's corner of Vermont.  Stunning.  And Clarence and I always run harder when we find ourselves in his company; pretty perfect day.

Home Alone

It has been raining here in Vermont for about five weeks in a row now with no signs of letting up.  Well okay, more like five days.  I am about halfway through a week-long reprieve from ballet school before summer term starts next week with a bang; this distinguished guest instructor from American Ballet Theatre's … Continue reading Home Alone

Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Three composers, three teacher-choreographers, a single amazing piano instructor-performer, scores of students and their parents, enrichment from talented guest artists, and tireless volunteers.  The culmination of an academic year that saw big transitions, much joy, a few tears, and amazing progress, played out on the stage yesterday.  I am still overwhelmed and impressed by the … Continue reading Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts