Thanksgiving Eve: Grumpy Norwegian Chefs


‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving and Handsome Chef Boyfriend decided he would make homemade lefse, because what else is there to do before the biggest culinary day of the calendar year after you have already spent hours working on your feet as a pastry chef? It is pronounced lɛfsə (good luck with that, try leff-sa instead) and it is a traditional soft, potato-based flatbread from Norway, land of the horned helmet, land of HCB’s people.

And yes, I know the horned-helmeted-Viking is a myth, but do not deny me that bit of Norwegian lore even if it is a Big Lie. I need me my horned helmet fiction.

So there was a lefse line going in the kitchen for quite some time last night. There is nothing like taking a still-steaming-hot piece of it, slathering it with butter, rolling it into a little tube, and then eating it, the melted butter dripping off your chin. It was last night’s dinner, washed down with a glass of port. No complaints here.






Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. May it be filled with love and buttery goodness.