I sat down a little while ago to relax my mind and have some soup made last night from leftovers.  The past four days have tested me more than I care to be tested, by the highest authority in the land. The shroud of deception that defined my family life for years, that followed me … Continue reading Exhaustion.

Got this?

This bottle holds a bit of liquid Nirvana straight from a local cow who was milked very early last Thursday morning, delivered to me by Handsome Chef Boyfriend Thursday night (er, the milk--not the cow).  On this occasion HCB served as a courier for a friend who took note of my interest in this product … Continue reading Got this?

Running With Scissors

This time of year dance schools everywhere roll out the abomination known as the recital.  Some of my former ballet school parents back in Knoxville whose children landed at "recital" schools after I left have recently been heard moaning online about the exorbitant cost of sequined costumes, other recital-related expenses, limited stage exposure for their children, … Continue reading Running With Scissors