We know every part by heart…


…almost.  A bit more refining, and we’re there.  Curtain at 2:30 and at 6:30 next Sunday at Thetford Academy’s Martha Jane Rich Theatre; three original works set to Debussy, Orff, and Brahms (one of  my esteemed colleagues in the Brahms rehearsal above).  Live music by the piano students of Victoria Dobrushina, many of whom are also ballet students at White River Ballet Academy.  Yesterday was our first rehearsal with the musicians–I have known for some time now of the talent in our ballet school, but I must say I am profoundly impressed by the same talent many of these children possess as young musicians. This is special and deserves celebration.  I am grateful as ever to be part of the palpable excitement in this creative process.  Moments from a long day of rehearsals yesterday:








5 thoughts on “We know every part by heart…

  1. Love Debussy. My mother was a pianist and as a child I was lulled to sleep many a night by her playing ‘Claire De Lune.” I have not seen many ballets set to his works but I would love to. Wishing you and your talented young dancers and musicians a very successful performance!

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