Greetings from Vermont

Wintry chores, indoors. Ballet classes, reading glasses. Ice skate, bread bake. Lake run, too much fun. Work-play, lazy day. Valentines, canines. Pot-au-feu, boyfriend, too. Crossword puzzle, doggy muzzle. Foot rubs, lots of snug-gles. Heavy sighs, long goodbyes. Greetings from Vermont.


I hear the sound of my own voice at home only when I am talking to myself (c’mon—you know you do it, too), or when I address the other life unit here—Clarence-the-Canine:  Do you need to pee?  Are you hungry?  Wag, wag, wag.  But when I want to hear the sound of another human my … Continue reading Zzzzzzz….