House Wine of the South

Iced Tea

It is a balmy 37 degrees outside today, day four of my miserable head cold.  The inside of my little house is toasty–all the heat is shut off save the pellet stove and I am happily barefoot and wearing a tank top. I made my first pitcher of iced tea in many weeks; could not stand another foul-tasting cup of hot echinacea tea.  Blech.  But I am an expert at making iced tea and it is just about perfect; inside this tall glass I have found a bit of nirvana.  We are supposed to be hammered by another winter storm today–this one is called “Q”–but so far it has not amounted to much. Jon Katz, who is one of my very favorite writers, posted a thoughtful commentary about fear mongering forecasts earlier today; go here to read, while you sip some iced tea and think warm weather thoughts..

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