What’s Wrong With This Picture?


I started collecting Pyrex in this vintage pattern many years ago when I stumbled across some dirt cheap refrigerator containers at a huge weekend flea market.  I recognized it instantly.  The year I moved into my first apartment as a young undergrad my mom had given me a bunch of cast-off kitchenware which included a single mixing bowl like the white ones in the picture, but without their  fancy pouring spouts.  So when I spotted an entire set of nesting bowls at an antique store a few years back I grabbed them up.  I was also thrilled to discover that my paternal grandmother evidently also loved it and when my dad was sifting through her stuff at the end of her life, he plucked out several more containers to add to my collection.

Thing is, there were initially four spouted mixing bowls in my set–I had another solid teal bowl in the second smallest size.  In January of 2012, however, when my ex and I were purportedly taking our first tenuous steps towards reconciliation, I discovered one horrible day he in fact had already begun to see someone else.  Again.  During a very bad moment I slammed shut the door on the dishwasher and the bowl became a casualty of my tantrum.

Today Handsome Chef Boyfriend and I had a delicious time exploring outdoors on a perfect Vermont spring day, and my heart skipped a beat for an instant when I spotted another large spouted mixing bowl in my pattern at an impromptu parking lot flea market.  To my dismay the bowls nested inside were of a different pattern.  I was thrilled for HCB, however, that he found three vintage salt and pepper shakers to add to his burgeoning collection for a grand total of a buck–for all three sets.

We finished outside time today with Clarence hiking part of a trail that is so gorgeous I can scarcely believe I live less than three miles from the trail head.  And at this moment HCB is in my kitchen creating something that smells rawther intoxicating.  I would not trade the fun we had today for a truckload of antique mixing bowls.  Not a thing in the world wrong with this picture.

One thought on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?

  1. My grandmother had a full set of these bowls, she kept lollypops in a small green one the exact same color as the one on the left in your photo. I immediately smelled the cellophane on those suckers when I saw the picture.

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