You’ve Been Chicked


Heard an NPR piece the other day on the use of the word chick as a verb, in the passive voice, as it appears on this here t-shirt.  The context is athletics, where a woman outdoes a man in a sporting event:  Dude, you just got chicked.  As HCB’s sister recently quipped, references to the female persuasion as a barometer for less-than-desirable athletic performance (e.g., You throw like a girl) are demeaning.  Maybe here at last is a bit of redemption, although I know some would argue that this sentiment only serves to underscore the same superiority expressed in the “throw like a girl” statement.  Philosophers:  knock yourselves out.

I have never chicked a guy in an athletic event, ever.  But I am hijacking this expression to use elsewhere.  Because, you know, I have TOTALLY chicked plenty of dudes in my day, and I feel certain there are plenty more I shall chick in the future, in the active voice.  (And yes, I throw like a girl; HCB will back me up on that one.)

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