Waning Summer in Lake Placid

Lake Placid Farmers' Market

In case you wondered dear blogosphere, I am still alive and well.  This week I have a guest teaching engagement at Lake Placid School of Ballet, where there has been a cold drizzle and kids attending dance camp have come trickling into the studios covered in fleece.  Strange mid-August phenomenon, especially for this Southern girl.  This cheerful farmer’s market greeted me today as I headed to my first class; I love the beautiful produce I have seen here in New York and in my home state of Vermont this summer.  I also love being part of this summer school, with my esteemed guest colleagues, Misha Ilyin (American Ballet Theatre), and Fred Walton (a Joe Tremaine disciple).  The kids are bright-eyed and working very hard for us in their classes; on Friday they will showcase ballet and jazz choreography for their parents.  This is a nice way to finish summer ballet before a short break ahead of fall term at my home school.  Oh, and by the way:  Lake Placid is breathtaking.

Thanks for having me, Alice and Terpsie.  More from me soon, bloggy friends.

Misha works with Level 4

Misha works with Level 4

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