Waning Summer


I have a pair of visitors who make their presence known every single morning on my front porch, expecting to be fed. I confess I have cultivated this habit in them. Handsome Chef Boyfriend chides me about this, insisting I will be the kind of old lady one day who can’t afford to put food on the table but will somehow manage to feed the wildlife. I don’t care. I like these little critters, who are now pretty tame. One has a kink in its tail and HCB calls it Corkscrew. As in, Hey, look. Corkscrew is banging on the door expecting to be fed. Recently when I was away for a few days at HCB’s he told me he was surprised they had not left a hateful note on the door in my absence. Sometimes they climb up on the kindling box or wood pile so they can get closer to my face. I know they are wild animals who would probably just as soon sink their teeth into me, but they still crack me up and I like interacting with them. I never once saw a chipmunk in Tennessee this tame, ever.


I hate seeing summer draw to a close even though fall is really my very favorite time of year. When winter rolls around I start thinking dreadful thoughts about things. Like mortality. And short, short days bereft of sunshine. And months of bitter cold that drag on endlessly. (Cue the Dickens.)

But enough of that. Right now is a time of renewal, of new schedules, new classes, new friends, new possibilities.

And I think this blog needs a facelift. I have ideas I’ve been developing for a while, and hope I can figure out how to bring them to fruition without help. I have new stories to tell, and news to share.

‘Til then, have some peanuts. They’re on me.

2 thoughts on “Waning Summer

  1. Oh, this time of year… it’s beautiful and so hard for some of us. Let’s make sure to make some tea plans or writing dates this winter? p.s. Love these photos, Deb.

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