The 3rd of July: Cycling on the Battenkill


Great news: today is gorgeous, a perfect day for a longish ride. Less great news: the tourists have arrived, lots of ’em. Yes, I know they drive the economy. They also drive their luxury cars like maniacs on otherwise quiet country roads, and I still have a little grit in my teeth to prove it. Best-of-all news: I was not squished like a bug by anybody’s luxury car, nor by one careening dump truck. I think I need different tires for this kind of riding, which feels like off-roading to me, but it’s great to be outdoors in the sunshine, iffy traction notwithstanding. This is my ‘hood—I get to see all this anytime I want. I am a lucky girl. Next time I’m out I’d like to shoot the same road with kitsch as the theme (yep, we have it in Vermont). ‘Til soon.


I’ll give ya a nickel if you can explain the architectural and historical provenance and significance of the four spires, which seem to be on New England churches everywhere.


Vermont requisite.


The Norman Rockwell home; now it’s an inn.


S’pose the geese know they’re for sale?


Walking around in a New England cemetery is an enriching experience I highly recommend should you decide to become a tourist; leave your luxury car at home, please.


The Battenkill has stripes.




2 thoughts on “The 3rd of July: Cycling on the Battenkill

  1. What a day, eh? We’ve spent ours doing yard work, punctuated with ice tea on the porch swing. And now, the stereo’s playing and we’re on the deck, waiting for the sun go down and the welcoming of the stars. Have a great weekend!

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