Travel Story: (I Wish We Could Go) Fly Fishing Out West

Rainbow Trout

But since we can’t right now (never mind that neither The Chef nor I knows how to fly fish), we’ll live vicariously through one of my talented colleagues at the marketing agency where I work. Jeremiah recently shared the exquisite video he and his girlfriend Kara made documenting their trip to Montana and Wyoming, where they went fly fishing with friends, a thing they are wont to do.

For my international readers, if you’ve never visited the US, the wide-open American West is still relatively unspoiled, with landscapes so expansive and varied they’ll take your breath away. We’re still a young country, and I can only guess how profoundly the region must have impressed the first people to encounter it. Jeremiah and Kara have done it justice.

I’ve seen some of those landscapes, too, during the years I lived in Colorado back in my twenties—feels like it was a lifetime ago. Vermont has her own kind of beauty to be sure, but the majesty of the Rockies will catch in your throat. This video makes me want to go back, and so maybe we will someday.

And to learn how to fly fish! It’s something I should try again, especially since one of our clients is all about it. I had a single lesson once in Highlands, North Carolina, when my kiddo was a peanut. It was a fun afternoon and I retained exactly nothing. But really, fly fishing possesses a beauty and rhythmic quality I find enchanting. And I love the conservation piece of it; so many enthusiasts are all about land conservation and efforts to bring back dwindling populations of fish in areas affected by development.

If you live somewhere like we do where you’re frozen down to your socks right now, here’s a little escape for you. Grab your cuppa Joe or a glass of wine and enjoy the next twelve or so minutes. You’ll want to expand the video to fit your screen. And thanks for letting me share, Jeremiah and Kara!

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