Photo Essay: Golden Pea and Sweet Potato Soup

Golden Pea and Sweet Potato Soup Ingredients

A gray fall Sunday in Vermont begged for soup making. We’ll have our first plowable snow of the season tomorrow night, but we’ll enjoy this soup all week long.

Soup Ingredients Mis en Place

An Onion Halved Is a Thing of Beauty

Soup Spices at the Ready

Soup Spices Are Lovely Combined in a Bowl

Sauteeing Vegetables in the Soup Pot

Sleeping Dog in Mud Room

making soup is tiring and requires mud room napping

Soup's Boiling

Into the Food Processor Goes the Chunky Soup

Purreed Soup Finished

The Chef is playing his first hockey game of the season tonight; the soup will wait for him. Thinking of all the veterans who made it possible for us to take naps and make soup and play hockey. And wishing everybody a beautiful fall week ahead.

Finished Soup, Plated, with Biscuit and Wine

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