Two Shoes, Three Shoes, Four Shoes…

Dog shoes.


Clarence has struggled some with the bitter cold winter here in Vermont when we go outside, particularly when the temperatures drop below zero. I mentioned this to my good friend Larry back in Tennessee who calls often to check on us and he immediately bought these nifty Petco shoes for Clarence and sent them to us yesterday.  After a few user problems (of the human kind), we have figured them out and they are pretty amazing. (And huge hat tip to Larry and some of his colleagues, who insisted on buying two tons of pellets for my pellet stove back in the fall.)

Thank you, Larry, and a great, big, huge, slobbery kiss from Clarence.


3 thoughts on “Two Shoes, Three Shoes, Four Shoes…

  1. I’ve wondering about getting shoes for my pup. I don’t think he’d like the idea of it at first, but he might appreciate them once on. It’s that or doing the “dance” where he tries to keep all paws off the snow at the same time….

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