Fairy Godmother


This is my Fairy Godmother, my “Auntie” Jane, who also happens to be one of my former ballet teachers, currently visiting all the way from Memphis.  This picture of her was made just before a spring workshop performance there in about 1975; I was among those young ballerinas in the photo somewhere.  Although we are very close and have kept in tight contact through the years, I have not actually seen Jane in a couple of decades. We have had so much fun during her visit:  lots of cutting up, a little bit of bad behavior, amazing food (some of it courtesy of Handsome Chef Boyfriend), and plenty of time at ballet school.  She is bravely venturing out and doing new things; later this evening I will deliver her to some friends on the other side of the state so that she can start the next part of her New England vacation, which will include snowboarding on Bromley (cue the jokes about butt padding).   Be reassured, my bloggy friends, that I am still here,  joyously busy at the moment.

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