Saturday Photo Essay: Social Distancing, Vermont Edition

It’s a grey day today, but the temperature was perfect for running, around 48 or so when we struck out. And there’s no denying how bucolic the landscape. We had a good run. Scout ground scored a gravel-encrusted dog turd when I wasn’t paying attention, which I had to pry out of his slobbery mouth, so there’s that. Otherwise. Photos shot from my iPhone 8.

I see a hint of green coming in that willow.
The only thing better than an old building undergoing restoration is a cupola on top.
We always say hey to these horses if they’re out when we run by. Sometimes one of them says hey back at us.
Hey there, horsey.
This swimming pool long out of service always makes me a little melancholy.

But running always lifts my spirits and makes me feel divine. And after the poop-eating incident, Scout has a new nickname. I leave you to guess what it is. Be well.

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