Sunday Photo Essay: Look Busy

Saturday morning busy

I can’t recall a moment in my lifetime at once so exciting and completely anguished. SpaceX launched the Dragon Endeavor successfully yesterday with two American astronauts aboard, and today docked at the International Space Station. Meanwhile, American cities are burning, we’re still navigating a deadly pandemic, and people are dying. This control freak’s answer is to keep on going, as long as it’s possible. Yesterday morning I made biscuits, which is how I start every Saturday morning.

the fence project is done, except for some irksome details
the tomatoes are exploding
so are the herbs
last night’s grilled chicken supper
hanging baskets are in
The Chef replaced the two dead arbor vitae this afternoon
Scout got in trouble with me today for rolling in squirrel poop instead of coming when I called
his sullenness was forgotten at suppertime, when there was grilled salmon; this is grilled salmon face

Stay the course. We’ll get through this; we may need extra naps.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Essay: Look Busy

  1. Your backyard looks fabulous! The food is looking delicious – I’m with Scout. If someone were eating salmon and not sharing I’d be doing the “laser eyes” too! We were mesmerized with the space-x launch and docking (a small bright spot amid all the violence)…

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