Food Story: Valentine’s Day 2021

Valentine’s Eve 2021

Chef David and I celebrated on Saturday night with a dinner we planned last week. We’re not often in the kitchen working at the same moment, but we did, a little, for this dinner.

parsnips set to boil
the embarrassing saucepan…every kitchen has one
pure maple syrup makes everything better, even if the image is blurry
where there is food, there is dog
puréed parsnips go back into the pan
“the 1970s called and said they want their turned mushrooms back,” mused The Chef
here was my contribution: horseradish smashed potatoes, from a Martha Stewart recipe I modified to make it more evil
bon appétit: puréed parsnips with maple and fresh ginger; Brussels sprouts with jalapeño salsa; horseradish potatoes; and filet mignon with turned mushrooms

We ate our supper to the movie Nebraska, which the two of us saw together the year it came out, shortly after we met. It’s worth a watch if you have not: The cast is brilliant, the music inspired, and the story one of redemption. Happy Valentine’s Day: Enjoy the journey.

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