Simple Gifts


Best Christmas present ever, from Clarence-the-Canine and Handsome Chef Boyfriend, who reported that it was no small thing to achieve doggie cooperation and do this more or less when I had my back turned. Stealth dogs, both.  This is one ornament that will not be packed away, nor will the other two whimsical ballet-themed ones I fussed over in a store and which HCB later gifted me.  <swoon>

6 thoughts on “Simple Gifts

  1. We have one of these, from our BELOVED Lab that we had to put down for hind end failure in December, and I treasure it. We have our fur baby’s footprint, and also our human baby’s, and both of them were/are in double digits this year.

    Good luck with Clarence. I enjoy reading your writings…keep up the good fight.

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