Bustin’ Out All Over


Every single year, every single June I get that earworm from Carousel: “June is bustin’ out all over!” Aw, c’mon. Sock it to me. It’s Tonys night, after all. And guess what? I survived my third <wait for it…> Vermont Winter! I am still standing. I am also bustin’ out all over, a condition to which I have alluded in earlier posts. I am proud to say I have reversed the trend. I’ve gone back to an old plan, one that has worked for me more than once in the past. It’s rough getting started, but last week was excellent, and I feel mainly good. (You are my muse, Denise.)

The past few Friday evenings Handsome Chef Boyfriend has made deliveries to a farmstand over in New York, and I’ve gone along for the ride. We’ve had stunning, breathtaking weather every single time. Last Friday this hung on our horizon:


And then we came across this:


“You could never get me into one of those things,” I said.

“I’d do it,” said HCB.

Of course you would; knock yourself out. I question the sanity of the person who first decided hopping into a basket attached to a gigantic balloon, with open flames right over your head, was a good idea. And of everybody else who agrees it’s a good idea.

But I digress. Guess what time it is here in Vermont? I’ll tell you what time it is: farmstand time. Fresh produce time. I can’t tell you how exciting this is. And my daily commute takes me right past one of my favorites. First veg of the season:


Organic mixed greens, spicy and delicious, not to be found in the supermarket. And,


Green beans. Vibrant and crispy, lots of ’em.

I might watch some of the Tonys tonight. It will make me wistful for NYC, where I’d have been in the recent past for American Ballet Theatre’s 75th Anniversary celebrations but for circumstances that make it impossible at the moment.

But I am celebrating where I am right now: it’s tough to beat late springtime in Vermont.

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