Photo Essay: Found Objects

IMG_20150530_191828 - Copy

 Moses Farm, Cambridge

IMG_20150530_192114 - Copy

 Arlington, Vermont Post Office

IMG_20150530_192303 - Copy

 Saratoga Springs

IMG_20150530_192631 - Copy

 Saratoga Springs

IMG_20150530_193019 - Copy

 Saratoga Springs

IMG_20150530_192835 - Copy

 Saratoga Springs

IMG_20150530_193210 - Copy

 Saratoga Springs, Uncommon Grounds

IMG_20150530_193400 - Copy

 Arlington, Vermont

IMG_20150530_193541 - Copy

 Arlington, Vermont

IMG_20150530_193713 - Copy

 Tag Sale Finds: Vintage Tablecloth & Pie Tin


2 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Found Objects

    • Thank you, Rebecca! It was a beautiful week, on the heels of a miserable (illness, nothing major, just general out-of-sorts-ness) one. Rawther cathartic, ya know? Hope you and yours are all well. xxoo~Deb

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