Journal Entry: Sunday, Muddy Sunday

Yesterday Chef David made lefse, a traditional Norwegian flatbread. He comes by it honestly. And I can’t resist it. While I was in the other room folding clothes he sailed in with a folded corner of it, steaming hot, butter dripping out of it and all over the floor, and crammed it into my mouth. This morning I made my breakfast sandwich on lefse instead of on Gracie’s biscuits, which I made yesterday. Gracie would’ve loved lefse, I think. I sautéed mushrooms and then poured egg whites over them, dropped in a teeny bit of cheese and a handful of pumpkin seeds, and put the omelet onto the lefse with a slice of ham, tomatoes, lettuce, and hummus.

Then it was time for a run. We had crazy cold temperatures for Thanksgiving which finally moderated enough for most of the rest of the snow to melt that remained from our first snowstorm of the season. I knew Scout would be muddy, but also knew he needed this run and promised it to him early this morning. The mud, in fact, had reached his armpits already by about five minutes into our run.

One thing I love about living in a Vermont town with some critical mass to it, as we do, is you’re still only a stone’s throw (or a ten-minute drive) from the country. And this morning it was beautiful, if a tad bleak. I loved the low-lying clouds that cloaked the rural landscape.

I also loved that we were not alone, as seen in the muddy footprints of the runner who went before us. That runner had a much broader stride, or quicker pace, or both. But we can’t be hurried when there are creatures to stalk all over the woods. Also, there were still patches of ice on the road, so I thought better of running at a quick clip.

I also love the fence posts on country roads. The foliage often obscures them in the summer, but this interesting one was laid bare by the season.

We two muddy dawgs concluded our long Sunday morning run was totally worth the mess. Once home, Scout had a bath and a brush and dry, followed by some string cheese. I can never leave it at that, and one project tends to spawn another: the back seat cover needed washing, and might as well throw in the leashes and collar, and of course all the dog towels. And you can’t put a clean back seat cover into a dirty car, so might as well go on and clean it up.

Also on the day’s agenda: changing out our bedding from summery cotton to wintry down, which demands a freshly pressed duvet.

And then I ran the iron over a spot that will forever remind me of my beloved German Shepherd, Clarence the Canine, whose toenail caught the duvet’s fabric and tore it, an accident that foreshadowed a difficult chapter when Clarence would be diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy—the neurological disease that claimed his life a short time later. I still miss that dog like crazy, and so does the Chef. Facebook has been reminding me lately that Clarence first shouldered his way into my life almost exactly seven years ago to the day. Those memories are bittersweet.

Somehow, after all that scrubbing and ironing, I also managed to hang a new curtain in our kitchen window, and I got started on holiday baking, although I had to work hard to convince myself.

I love my old mixing bowls in a vintage pattern I still collect.

And now some of my friends and family will know <some of> what to expect in their holiday goodie packages.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving last Thursday with Chef David’s extended family: it was a rare gathering of family members from all over New England, from the D.C. area, and also from Texas (I felt bad for the Texans, especially, that we happened to have record-breaking cold for their visit). One table held a collection of family silver from which we were all invited to choose what we wanted. I’m not sure the Chef’s family is aware yet of my silver obsession. And whilst my first few holiday goodies were baking today, I could not resist polishing a little. I think the pattern is exquisite and I can’t wait to use it.

Sunday, muddy Sunday: you have been good to us.

4 thoughts on “Journal Entry: Sunday, Muddy Sunday

  1. Awesome day!! You were productive beyond belief! I’m glad Scout (and you) got in a good run in decent weather. Your breakfast looked amazing and I suspect the Chef is not the only one with culinary chops in the house! Did you make Blondies?

    • Well, it was the first time in maybe forever I actually ticked off all the items on the day’s agenda. Made it to sleep a bit later than intended, none the worse for wear. The chef calls me a chef, so that is saying something maybe. I love cuisine and love preparing pretty and delicious food—when I am not exhausted and under the gun. Then it is just a chore. Did I make Blondies? Maybe: Toll House cookies, but the cookie bar variety. The Chef and I *might* have taste tested them. Nom nom. 😊

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