Journal Entry: The Compulsion to Make Soup Continues

I love this book

Blue Moon Soup. It makes me happy because it brings back so many memories of preparing food with my kiddo in our Knoxville kitchen. The book is not a child’s cookbook per se, but a family cookbook. It’s easy to add ingredients and seasonings to make the recipes a little more complex. But good soup need not be complicated. Last night I made one called ‘Peace Soup.’ Clever. And the Chef and I gobbled it down. There is but a single portion left for somebody’s lunch tomorrow.

Fresh celery, carrot, leek, ginger, and mint

Soup’s on

And soup’s done, after I pulled out two cups, added some whole milk, puréed it in a food processor, and added it back to the pot

Go make some wonderful, silky, nourishing, aromatic soup.

2 thoughts on “Journal Entry: The Compulsion to Make Soup Continues

  1. Every year my husband’s family has a Super Bowl gathering and Chili contest. This year we are having a Souper Bowl contest and will be making different soups! I’m trying to decide on a soup. My husband thinks the Curry Pumpkin but I’m not sure that will appeal to the family. I’m leaning toward the Minnesota Wild Rice soup… since his family has Minnesota roots!

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