Sunday Photo Essay: Spring Is Open for Business

However haltingly commerce goes on during a pandemic, the changing of seasons waits for nothing and no one. We ventured outside for a brief walk in the moderate temperatures and glorious sunshine yesterday, The Chef and I and one Goldapeake Retriever called Scout. I’ve always thought of our little hamlet in the Southwest corner of Vermont as scrappy, and have said as much on a number of occasions: There is beauty here in the natural and built environment, but you might say it needs its face washed. I found myself as drawn to the reflections in some of these images as I did to the messaging in them, because in the reflections I saw the beauty that might have been and could yet be.

canceled for the time being
curbside p/u
we will come out to you
stop please do not enter
chocolate for curbside pickup
building for your future
curbside fro yo to go
curbside flower pick-up
we will monitor the situation
follow us on facebook
college students welcome
we will be here from time to time
the gaming items to get them through
due to the recent health emergency
books are good medicine
hope springs eternal

2 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Essay: Spring Is Open for Business

  1. At first many of the local restaurants were open for pick-up or delivery. Now there are only a few left. The Venezuelan place and our favorite Thai restaurants have closed. We found out that the best (in my opinion) Chinese place has closed… If we want to have drive through or delivery it will have to be a chain and that isn’t worth it.

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