Transitions: A New Professional Chapter

Yesterday The Chef helped me move my office from the William H. Morse State Airport, Eight Oh Two Marketing’s Bennington, Vermont headquarters, into our home office. I am late to the party, as this transition is one most of my colleagues made shortly after the pandemic changed the business landscape across the globe. It was not without a little wistfulness that I bade farewell to the facility where I discovered a new future for myself at an especially desperate time back in 2015.

inside this nondescript corrugated metal building a cadre of creative thinkers grew a successful marketing agency
when the agency enjoyed exponential growth starting a couple of years ago, we expanded into the empty backside of the building and this was my workaday view, overlooking the airport runway, with Mt. Equinox looming on the horizon
we’ve made this list two years running
the Vermont Eight Oh Two campus is bucolic, and I know one Goldapeake Retriever who will miss it

One thought on “Transitions: A New Professional Chapter

  1. I suppose the work from home paradigm is the new normal. It used to be the exception and one you had to make a very strong case for… Glad you had some extra muscle to assist with the move.

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