Sunday Photo Essay: Hope Springs Eternal

plucky parsley

I was not absolutely sure I believed Chef David when he came inside from his run earlier today and announced last year’s Italian parsley appears to have overwintered in our frozen Vermont soil, and is coming back. I’ll be damned, I said a little later on in the afternoon when I crouched down to inspect it.

And so we shall have parsley again this summer without planting the seeds. Elsewhere around our home and town this weekend were other palpable signs of spring, and of Easter, and a reminder here and there that springtime in Vermont is also known as Still Winter. But it must finally relent and yield to the nearness of our hemisphere to the sun.

stay close to the colors next to each other on the wheel when mixing dyes, went one website I consulted, or the colors will end up muddy (but muddy is what I want, I protested, and then made muddy colors)
I used to make muddy colors with this little peanut, who is now all grown up
…just as my mama did with me; I love this photo of the two of us
a weekend favorite: potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and salmon
the late-day light coming through our west-facing windows is magical this time of year
Still Winter, insists the nighttime temperatures
the Walloomsac roars past our back yard and continues on through downtown Bennington
these lilies on the kitchen table are late bloomers, a perfect metaphor for my life

One thought on “Sunday Photo Essay: Hope Springs Eternal

  1. We didn’t color hard boiled eggs this year – even though I have a kit I bought last post-Easter for a dime… We have arugula and kale that survived the winter so Sparky is raring to harvest some of it for his salads.

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