Simple Gifts

Best Christmas present ever, from Clarence-the-Canine and Handsome Chef Boyfriend, who reported that it was no small thing to achieve doggie cooperation and do this more or less when I had my back turned. Stealth dogs, both.  This is one ornament that will not be packed away, nor will the other two whimsical ballet-themed ones … Continue reading Simple Gifts

Knowing When

Not long ago during an afternoon break between job one and job two I sat in a quirky White River Junction coffee shop thinking about my Clarence-the-Canine, reflecting on images in my mind's eye of the unmistakable changes in his gait over the last few weeks.  Then I did what you're not supposed to do: … Continue reading Knowing When

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day, and All That. (Beauty herein.)

Promised rain and chilly temperatures came to my corner of New England today, and so I did the only reasonable thing under the circumstances.  The season's first pot of chili now sits on my stove.  My little loft has been filled variously with the earthy aroma of boiling Mung and Azuki beans (gifts from Handsome … Continue reading Sunshine on a Cloudy Day, and All That. (Beauty herein.)

A Very Good Day

Today began badly.  Clarence-the-Canine and I struck out for an early morning run that was supposed to be perfect, crisp, and beautiful.  What happened instead is that I continued to ignore the gathering tightness I have sensed in my right calf and Achilles during our last two or three runs, hoping it would work itself … Continue reading A Very Good Day