Gardening Story: True Confessions of a Mulching Enthusiast

Mulch, gentle reader, covers a multitude of sins. I know how to spread mulch: I am good at spreading mulch. David-the-Chef wants to know why on earth we should have a load of mulch delivered. I ask you, Does this question even merit an answer? Isn't it OBVIOUS? Mulch gussies up everything it touches: it is … Continue reading Gardening Story: True Confessions of a Mulching Enthusiast

Grey Day

Today I decided I would document my walk backwards from my mailbox. The air smells every bit of fall but still felt summery to me. This dairy barn  across from the property where I am a squatter is long out of service, but its owner recently gave it a new roof to slow its demise. … Continue reading Grey Day

What NOW?

This is food, potentially.  Heirloom beans, organic peas, Swiss chard, summer squash.  All started from seed, in these little incubator thingummies that come with soil pods.  Not making this up:  you just add water and then poke a couple seeds into each cup.  Problem is, I am a terrible gardener.  I could not grow a veggie garden … Continue reading What NOW?