Winter Solace: Food Without Tweezers or Fog

No Tweezers or Fog

Last night Chef David and I watched The Hundred-Foot Journey, an inspired movie about life and love and beautiful food (and you know you can’t go wrong with Helen Mirren)—the scenery alone is worth your time, to say nothing of the enchanting score: go find it and watch it if you haven’t already, or watch it again if you have. We’re all about thoughtful cuisine in this house, but not pretentious cuisine—what we like to call food prepared with ‘tweezers and fog.’ The salad in that photo up there was my lunch today. Here are some other memorable images of our culinary life together over the past six-plus years, another antidote to long, grey, Vermont winter days.

Birthday pop-tart, scratch made and filled with fresh raspberries and love

As I reflect on these images and the times around them, I marvel at how little we had in our bank accounts, and how far we stretched it. Eat well, live well, and enjoy the journey: not a bad manifesto for grey winter days.

2 thoughts on “Winter Solace: Food Without Tweezers or Fog

  1. It all looks so good! I think I’d enjoy the sausage and Brussels sprouts! It is funny how we use food to mark time and seasons.. My family tends to solidify memory by linking it to food… funerals = pineapple upside down cake, BBQ ribs = my father, cottage cheese with pineapple = my mother, Christmas = cinnamon rolls, Thanksgiving = oven caramel popcorn, Birthdays = pies, and that ever popular holiday – Valentine’s Day = Taco Bell!

  2. Food attaches itself to memories just like strains of music, I think. Sausage + Brussels sprouts = classic Toad in the Hole. Chef David has not made that one in a long while, but it is excellent winter comfort food. ~Deb

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